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Interior Decoration

Paradou founder Amanda Swanson offers an exciting new option in the world of Interior Decoration.

Amanda’s distinctive decoration style and knowledge encompasses over twenty years working in the worlds of fashion, art and antiques. She is uniquely skilled across these areas to advise and help you edit or expand your collection whilst co-ordinating the entire process for you to make your experience inspiring and enjoyable.

Many people believe everything needs to be from the same source, period or style- however a successful interior - be it your library or your bedroom- translates so much more successfully when it is carefully curated with layers of interesting, beautiful and stylish things from all corners of the globe that span the history of time.

Decorating an interior can be as much about what you take away as what you add and this time-honoured philosophy easily flows through your complete home and garden -editing, and updating as you go and all the time working on a sensible and manageable budget that would be outlined and discussed in depth prior to any processes commencing.

There is always a fine selection of unique pieces in stock at Paradou for your home and garden, and if not then we are perfectly placed to source it for you from our extensive networks of specialised dealers and trusted sources. Saying goodbye to old items to make way for the new is also an easy process for us to manage for you with our years of experience and knowledge as well as the ability to advise on the placement of your art and furniture pieces to make the most of your coveted home space.

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