Carriere Frères

The story of Carriere Freres follows that of the famous French Royal Wax Manufacture, known today as Cire Trudon. In 1884 the Carriere brothers embraced the already Century -old manufacture of candle-making, respecting the heritage of these master candle makers established in the 17th and 19th Centuries with the establishment of the Carriere Freres brand, enabling their own creative spirit to emerge and thrive. As early as 1889, the brothers were awarded a golden medal at the Universal Exhibition for their vision and craft, in modernising a centuries old, time honoured manufacturing process. Today we se this exquisite range of home fragrances, encompassing candles, room sprays and diffusers, a range uniquely inspired by the French Provincial Potager- or kitchen garden. Unlikely fragrances including tomato and spearmint delight our senses with their fresh, contemporary notes and compliment classic perfumes such as Gardenia and Cedar. Each candle and room fragrance product is hand made in Normandy, France - and is a journey of seduction from the beautiful packaging to the first waft of each exquisite fragrance when opened.