• The Classic Black Set by Monista

The Classic Black Set by Monista

The Classic Black gift set includes our three most popular black tea blends.

Amsterdam Breakfast is our signature blend, sourced from a single tea estate in Assam, India. Selected for its bold, brisk and malty flavour. The perfect tea for those that like to kick start their day.

Very English Breakfast is the quintessential breakfast blend. Blended from the finest Ceylon and Assam teas, it is a perfectly balanced, medium bodied tea. A great accompaniment to hot buttered toast.

French Earl Grey is our most fragrant and aromatic black tea. Inspired by the French countryside, this uplifting tea is  perfect mid morning, especially with a slice of tea cake.

All black tea can be enjoyed by itself, with milk or a slice of lemon.

Collection Includes:
1x Amsterdam Breakfast • Black • 100g
1x Very English Breakfast • Black • 100g
1x French Earl Grey • Black • 100g

$89.95 inc. GST